There was a hushed silence in the crowd when you finished. And then people could not get enough of you. There is something to be said about having a profound impact on people. Even one at a time. Kind of like the starfish effect.

The 'what motivates you, what defines you' is going to be the question of the week.

Thank you so much Richard. I knew you would be awesome. I was overwhelmed at how awesome.

Beverly Cosslett
Director @ Sonic Digital Media

We were recently very privileged to have Richard Wright speak to our sales management team.  Our team is a mix of youth and maturity and consequently we have some very strong willed, opinionated people, no different to any sales team I guess.

Richards talk is very, very real. He manages to take you on a journey of self-discovery, encourages one to ask questions about how you conduct your life, what habits you have created and what drives you on a day-to-day basis.  What is most interesting is the way in which Richard encourages his audience to let go of perceptions and opinions about the past and or future and be more aware and grateful of the present.  Live what is in front of you?

Richard is brilliant at interacting with the audience. He is an animated speaker who is engaging, has an excellent understanding of when to pause at critical junctions to ensure the audience does not lose the message he is imparting with at that point.

I referred to the composition of our sales team because it is important to note that the entire sales team, without exception, were absolutely enamoured with Richard.  All requested that we engage with Richard again and invite him to talk at our sales conference in September. It is extremely difficult to find a speaker these days who appeals to all ages, is relevant and imparts with a tangible message.

If you are looking for an outstanding speaker to make your organization think at a higher level,  Richard Wright is the speaker you are looking for.

Bradd Bendall
Head of Sales
ooba Group

Richard Wright
Richard Wright