Richard Wright is a Johannesburg based public speaker combining authentic, challenging content with humorous and dynamic presentation.

A diverse background in coaching, horticulture, law, sales, management, triathlon, real estate and speaking at every level means that Richard is a story teller adept at using his experiences to inspire and transform the thinking of his audiences.

He has successfully faced down some of life's biggest challenges with all the strength, tenacity and stamina of an endurance athlete....overcoming fear in the process. Testament to his partial Viking bloodline 🙂


  • Nothing changes...if...Nothing changes.
  • Allow Richard to expose your business or organization to fresh stories and real content, whilst discovering how to solve challenges and shake things up.
  • Without change we have no future, only a recurring past, yet it is the thing we fear the most.
  • Richard takes the fear out of change like only a true survivor can.

As a speaker Richard is vulnerable, engaging, highly inspiring, and able to intelligently connect the audience with perception challenging content.

Richard Wright